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How Can I Use Landscaping To Increase Home Security?

When it comes to landscaping, designing a beautiful and restful area that meets all of your landscaping needs is what landscapers will do best. However, it does much more for you than just provide a place to unwind and indulge in nature: landscaping can actually increase the security of your home. If you’re unsure how it could be used as home security, keep on reading this article!

1) Plant thorny plants at the base of windows

Many people leave large windows open during the summer months or have wide window sills where they display seasonal items or flowers. If these are left open enough that someone could climb inside, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to intruders. To protect against this threat consider planting thorny plants near windows to deter intruders.

2) Add landscaping around your home’s perimeter

Whether it be flower beds or decorative landscaping that surrounds walkways, can help prevent intruders from sneaking past into your home by creating a natural barrier that they would have to climb over.

3) Plant landscaping around outdoor vents

A common tactic burglars use is crawling through air conditioning vents and gaining entrance through them. To prevent this, you can plant landscaping around these vents so that no one will fit their body through the spaces between the house and vent. This also helps with keeping debris away from the area surrounding the vents well as protecting against possible damage that may incur.

4) Clear mailboxes and other exterior features

Remove decorative objects and any obstructions that may be in the path between your home and mailbox so that if you have to leave your house, or cannot answer a door when someone rings your bell, burglars cannot hide behind landscaping elements. This prevents them from potentially attacking you immediately after opening the door.

5) Make use of landscaped areas for playtime

Feel free to landscape and add flowers to your backyard to make it look better and increase home security. This is especially beneficial if you have children who could be playing in the yard unattended. Even if they are supervised though, your lawn may attract burglars due to many valuable elements such as garden gnomes, stone figurines, potted plants, candles, birdbaths, etc. If anyone tries to break into your home while you’re outside gardening or playing with your kids in the backyard, landscaped areas increase home security by obscuring views otherwise open yards.


Landscaping can in fact increase your home security. It’s important to have landscaped areas around windows, vents, exterior lighting, and mailboxes. Just be sure that these elements are not obstructing the view of your home or you could risk making it easier for someone to break into your home unnoticed.

You may also want to call a landscaping company about new ideas for your yard to increase aesthetics while simultaneously increasing home security.



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