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Great Details for the Right Roofing service

The roofs in the Netherlands have to deal with various weather conditions: sun, rain, wind, snow, storm, you name it. It is therefore essential to choose suitable types of roof covering to protect residents and property. Depending on your roof, flat or sloping, there are all kinds of roofing options to choose from. The difference between a flat and a pitched roof is that with a pitched roof, the rainwater slides off the roof. With a flat roof, the rainwater remains and must dry up. As a result, the lifespan with a flat roof is shorter than with a pitched roof. That is why other materials are also used as a roof covering. Choosing the Best Roofing service is there also.

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We have made an overview so that you immediately see what your options are:

Bitumen roofing (flat roof)

Bitumen is the most common roof covering for flat roofs. It is also known as roofing or roofing felt. Bitumen is easy to install, resistant to weather influences and has a lifespan of approximately 25 years.

Roof tiles (pitched roof)

Roof tiles last between 30 – 100 years, depending on the type of roof tile you choose. Installing roof tiles is relatively cheap. However, it is essential to maintain the roof at least twice a year.

EPDM roofing (flat roof)

EPDM roofing is very similar to bitumen roofing and consists of synthetic rubber. It is fully recyclable and lasts approximately 40 years. EPDM is also an ideal substrate for installing green roofs.

PVC roofing (flat roof)

PVC roofs are made of plastic, have the same advantages as bitumen, and last around 25 years. However, it is available in multiple colors.

Thatched roofing (pitched roof)

This is the most luxurious version of roofing but also one of the more expensive choices. A thatched roof is only possible if the roof has a minimum slope of 45 degrees. Otherwise, the rainwater will not drain properly.

Zinc roof covering (pitched roof)

A zinc roof is very flexible so that roofs with different shapes can be covered with it. It is also a durable cover, especially one that lasts a long time, no less than 125 years. A roof ensures that it stays dry, that nothing falls into space underneath, and that heat is retained. A roof has an important task, and there are many different types of roofs in terms of shape and material.

All types of roofs can be divided into 2 groups, namely flat and pitched roofs. Yet, a roof is often neglected. This, of course, has to do with the fact that the roof is so high that you cannot easily take a look. Often the roof is not checked until damage has been found. Then the need arises to step up the ladder and take a look. This is a shame because if you maintain a roof properly, you run less risk of wear and tear, and you avoid costs for repairs and replacing roofs. We, therefore, recommend that you check the roof at least in the spring and autumn.

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