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Benefits of Hand Paper Towels For Your Business

There have already been numerous disputes about whether paper or electric dryers are the superior alternatives, and the studies have shown that hand dryers spread more germs in a room. Therefore hand paper towels are your best bet for keeping it squeaky clean. 

Think of it this way: when you use a public restroom, it’s most often the toilet that alarms most people. Of course, there are toilet seat covers and sanitising wipes to rid the areas of the toilet that you come in direct contact with, and that’s all great stuff, but there are other culprits of germ-spreading you may not be aware of. 

The sad reality is that majority of people only rinse their hands after using the restroom rather than thoroughly washing their hands with soap. Then, they blow-dry their still germ-infested hands, depositing the bacteria into the air that everyone else around them is breathing in. Gross, we know! You could just dry your hands with a communal towel and achieve the same thing. But, we have a far more appealing alternative in mind that is hygiene-approved: paper hand towels!

So which is the best option for you? Here are a few advantages of our paper towels for your business to help you choose the best product for your needs.

Absorption is High

Choose the perfect absorbency for your needs from our selection of paper towels. With our range of products, you can find the ideal solution for heavy-duty cleaning and acquire a remedy for fast drying your hands and getting back on your feet. In a business setting where technology and other electrical appliances are used, fast absorption of messes and spills is highly important. 


Every company wants to save money wherever possible without sacrificing the quality of its supplies. 


Whether you need paper towels for your employee canteen, catering kitchen, or public restroom for guests, we have the correct product for you. However, it is important to ensure the correct paper towels are used for each individual purpose, and disposed of correctly.

Encourage a Higher Standard of Living

When you choose to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, you also encourage others to do the same. The greater the number of people who adopt your eco-friendly lifestyle, the better for the environment.

Paper towels are essential in this regard in that they limit the amount of chemicals and water used to clean spills and messes around the workplace. Instead, the area can be temporarily cleaned to avoid any production delays, and then thoroughly cleaned at the end of the day using your preferred method.

So, turn your business into a more efficient and conscious entity and begin your eco-movement with Rapid Clean’s paper hand towels. 

Products Made of Paper Towel

Most RapidClean paper products are made entirely of virgin fibre and come in various grades. In addition, many products are also HACCP-certified (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

The Following are Some of The Paper Products We Offer:

  • Hand Towels
  • Roll Towel
  • Autocut Hand Towel
  • Ultraslim Hand Towel by Interleaf
  • Compact Hand Towel by Interleaf
  • Slimfold Hand Towel by Interleaf
  • Centrefeed Hand Towel
  • The blue roll towel is designed for food environments, with a significant contrast between dry, light blue paper and dark blue if the surface is moist or wet. Autocut paper is HACCP qualified for food spaces. As a result, a paper towel that remains light blue after a wipe indicates that all liquids have been removed.
  • High-volume users that sign a two-year contract to source the auto-cut paper will receive free dispensers.
  • Interleaved hand towels necessitate careful matching of the many paper types to the appropriate dispenser – and purchasing personnel frequently order incorrect paper or switch paper due to apparent cost savings, oblivious to the size risk. As a result, it falls through onto the ground if the piece is too narrow. Since each dispenser’s rolls are unique, auto cut is always the best match.

With Rapid Clean by your side, you can find every cleaning solution you need under one roof. So, visit our website and order our paper hand towels today! 

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