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Extend Your Living Area With Manufactured Home Sheds

What Are Manufactured Home Sheds?

These are pre-constructed housing structures manufactured at factories and then transported to the destination where they need to be erected. Here are some types of manufactured home sheds.

·       Phone Booth

It will add a home shed covering a 4’ x 6’ area. Though the name is Phone Booth, it’s not intended to have a phone in this era of mobile phones. You can store your garden tools or plantation pots in this area if needed.

·       Clubhouse

It is bigger than the phone booth, almost double the size of the phone booth shed. Gives you more space to store your extra tools or items you don’t want to keep in your home.

·       Pent Roof

This home shed has windows on either side of the door at the centre. You can add shutters and vinyl slidings that match your house.


  • Economical: The manufactured home sheds come at a meagre cost compared to mobile homes.
  • Easy Erection: They are so easy to set up that you can skip calling the professional and erect them yourself. Ensure to take all precautions before doing it on your own.

  • Expand Your Living Space: It can serve your purpose of adding a guest room, an extra living room, or a storage room. It is comparatively cheap and time-saving than extending your house by the conventional method.

  • Mobility: The home shed can be fitted with wheels, which will help you to move it around your area in case any need arises.

  • Fits In A Small Space: It doesn’t take a larger area and can fit in a small space, less than 1000 sq. ft. of area. Therefore, houses having small compounds don’t need to worry about.

  • Gels Well: You can design your home sheds to blend well with the surroundings. It wipes out your worry about your house area displaying odd looks.

  • Promotes Sustainability: Since the home sheds are created with fewer natural resources, they, by default, reduce the carbon footprint.


Manufactured home sheds are a great way to extend your housing area. They come at an economical cost and are easy to fix within your housing area.

It may be used as an extra room based on the size or just a storage space to hold your gardening tools and other stuff, which takes up extra space in your living area in the interior of your house.

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