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What All You Need to Know About Colorbond Roofing

A steel tub roof gives a contemporary look to a house. The steel tray is available in several finishes, such as galvanized, zinc-plated or lacquered steel. This material is also well suited to light frames and house elevations, for example.

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Colorbond roof: advantages, disadvantages, cost

It is suitable for roofs with a slope between 5 and 15{92160c95352f2260ab94b389adae30fee587bd8176517ffc073a96a4bf11c106}. It can also be tinted, especially to mimic the red colour of the tiles, but grey, black or green steel pan roofs are not uncommon. Colorbond roofing estimate, free and without obligation! Choosing the Colorbond Roofing Perth services is essential.

What is a Colorbond roof?

Steel is the primary material for these roofs. For this type of work, its presentation in the form of plates earned it the name of “steel tank”. These plates can be corrugated, ribbed in a U shape, or mimic tiles’ shape. Straight or rounded, they adapt to all conditions of roofs. Assembled together, these steel plates cover the entire frame of the house to form its roof. The steel pan is treated against corrosion by being galvanized, zinc-plated or painted.

Its resistance

One of the advantages of a Colorbond for a roof is its strength. This material is indeed very resistant to temperature variations, and its lifespan is very long, up to 100 years! It is also waterproof, non-combustible and resistant to moss and fungus.

Its aesthetics

At the time of construction or house renovations in a contemporary style, given its sleek and cold side, the Colorbond roof is ideal because it perfectly blends this architecture. This type of roof also goes very well with wooden cladding, for example.

Its ease of use

A steel tank roof also has the advantage of being installed very quickly. Moreover, because of its mechanical characteristics and its lightness (about 5 kg per m²), this material can just as quickly be used as cladding.

Its regulations

Before embarking on installing a Colorbond roof, remember to find out about the town planning rules in force at your town hall. These types of roofing are, in fact, prohibited in specific regions and certain zones. In all cases, the installation of a Colorbond roof requires a building permit. These prices are exclusive of the accessories necessary for installing a Colorbond roof, such as fixings, ridge caps, edge plates, and excluding installation by a professional.

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