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What is the Difference Between Slider and Double-Slider Windows?

As the technology around home constructions improves, manufacturers are experimenting and making several window styles. Unfortunately, the availability of several options can make it difficult for anyone to choose the right types of windows for their property. But don’t worry as you can go for either slider windows or double-slider windows.

To ease your window replacement process, we will take the time to compare slider and double-slider windows.

What are slider windows?

Slider windows are windows that slide horizontally when you are closing or opening them. Otherwise known as horizontal slider windows or glider windows, these windows come with sashes that move from one side to another as you are operating them. Notably, slider windows have an operational sash as well as a stationary sash. Also, these windows are placed inside a single frame and offer lots of ventilation and airflow.

Double slider windows

Overall, double-slider windows look like slider windows, but both of their sashes are operational. In other words, you can open both sashes without much hassle. As a result of this, double slider windows are known to provide more airflow than their single slider counterparts.

Double-slider windows are mostly preferred by homeowners that want to enjoy a larger view and functionality.

It should be noted that the sashes of both slider and double-slider windows can be removed. Besides, both can be installed inside different parts of a home as they are energy efficient. In addition, both sliders and double sliders can be cleaned and maintained easily.

The major difference between slider windows and double-slider windows

  • Cost

When it comes to cost, you are going to save lots of money on slider windows than double-slider windows. This is because double-slider windows have complex designs and extra functionality that tend to increase their costs. Nevertheless, both types of windows are relatively cheaper than most other styles of windows in the market.

  • Style

The styles of both windows look alike. Sliders often have a more traditional appearance with a modern touch whereas double-sliders come with a more modern appearance. Therefore, the style of your home may determine the best option for you.

  • Airflow

Both window styles are recommended for rooms where you need some additional airflow. Nonetheless, double sliders are better at offering extra airflow than single slider windows. Besides, you can control the amount of airflow you want from double sliders since both sashes can be operated.

  • Size

If you are looking for window replacement for tighter spaces, slider windows are your best options. On the other hand, double slider windows are recommended for rooms with wider window openings. Also, you can use double sliders for rooms with an awesome view of a landscape you want to show off.

Now, you have seen that both slider and double-slider windows are great options for different parts of your home. Nonetheless, there are some differences that you may want to consider as you are trying to invest in window replacement for your home or office.

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