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Wooden Flooring with the Right Format

Discover the tips for choosing your parquet according to your desires, your project and your budget. The wooden flooring experts advise you on the species to choose. Many essences exist, coming from all over the world. In addition to the essence, it is essential to choose the right type of parquet. Between solid, engineered or semi-solid parquet, the choice is vast. Many other types exist, such as laminate flooring, terrace boards or special bathroom parquet. Once again, the choice is made concerning your desires, your budget and your project. Decoration trends can also influence the option of a floor covering.

Flooring โ€“ Paradise Granite

Wood is a privileged material compared to others, with essential characteristics of durability over the years. It can be treated and untreated. It can be used as flooring in public gardens, for poolside, in parks or on terraces. Here are the things that you would need to know about Wooden Flooring.

Tips For Choosing Wooden Floors For Exteriors

It is possible to use a wide range of materials to floor the exteriors. Still, undoubtedly, the wood has several advantageous characteristics that make it a privileged element compared to all the others. It is not only under its technical qualities, but also the aesthetics, and above all the atmosphere that this natural material manages to create, transmitting a sense of welcome, well-being, of a “familiar place” and at the same time refined or wanted. Through wood, the spaces we want to furnish acquire their own often simple and essential enhancement since wood is mainly synonymous with versatility and represents an ecological philosophical choice without prejudice to a certified origin of the wood.

Any outside space (beyond the extension or the shapes) can be harmonized with the environment with wood, which has high mechanical qualities but at the same time allows the feet soft support. As flooring, it can be used in public gardens, poolside, parks or terraces, and also does not need unique structures and heavy work such as foundations. It only requires particular attention in the project and the labour during installation.

Untreated floors

Some qualities of wood that can maintain their performance unchanged over time can be used in elements for flooring even if they have not undergone specific treatments.

Treated floors

The resistant natural essences are also in some way “valuable”, which has a high cost, without considering the scarce availability. Conditions that have forced producers to find alternative ways through the use of wood essences capable of responding with adequate treatments to three essential needs: lower costs, good availability and durability over the years. Specific heat treatments have thus made it possible to use types of wood otherwise unsuitable for outdoor flooring. However, we are talking about non-toxic products despite the treatments carried out.

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