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Which Digger is Right for Your Job?

Have you ever found yourself in the position where you need plant hire in llandudno for your construction job but you were unsure of what type of digger would be best for the job? Let’s say you need to dig out a swimming pool, so what type of machinery do you need? Do you need to hire a backhoe? A mini excavator? Or maybe even a crawler excavator? It might not be as easy as it seems to choose which one is right for the job. Read on to find out what digger is the right choice for your construction job.

Mini Excavator

If you’re undertaking a small or medium-sized project, such as digging holes for fence posts, a mini digger/excavator will likely be up to the task. This type of machine can also be helpful in trenching, pipe and cable laying and demolition work. In most cases, it’s more than enough power to get you where you need to go (depending on soil conditions).

Micro Excavator

A micro excavator has a reach that’s generally less than 8 m (26 ft.), making it ideal for digging in tight spaces. It can also be operated in a car park or on public roads because of its small size. They’re perfect to get underneath commercial vehicles and equipment, and they can even fit inside an elevator shaft.  On top of being compact and versatile, they’re typically cheaper than other types of excavators—making them popular with contractors who need to rent by-the-day machines as opposed to investing in expensive long-term machines. The more affordable price tag means you should budget more per day when renting one out.

Demolition Diggers 

If you’re looking to demolish a large building or two, then you need to consider getting a demolition digger. These can deal with all sorts of materials including wood, concrete and masonry. As they’re one of our most powerful models, they do require a higher level of skill – but are well worth it if you have heavy lifting to do.

Midi Excavators

Midi Excavators are ideal plant hire for smaller jobs on domestic, commercial and industrial sites. Packed with plenty of power under their small exteriors, Midi Excavators boast a range of features including auto-idle and panoramic visibility. These smaller versions of excavators make them easy to transport while also being suitable for delicate digging jobs that require precision control. A real favourite among construction companies, Midi excavators offer zero tail swing which means they can access small roads and paths with ease.

Crawler Excavator

If you need to create new foundations or install drainage pipes, a crawler excavator would be suitable. These machines have a digging arm, which enables them to drill holes into solid surfaces such as concrete, asphalt and rock. If you need to carry out extensive excavation work on hard surfaces, these are probably what you’re looking for. However, they do tend to be quite large – so they might not suit sites where there isn’t enough space.

Dump Trucks

If you’re looking to move around a lot of material and have a relatively small area to work with, then dump trucks are going to be very useful. These are ideal if you’re building something like roads or bridges. Smaller models can be used in confined spaces as well; however, these tend to carry less weight so you may find yourself making multiple trips to get everything where it needs to go.

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