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What is the difference between synthetic rugs and cow hide rugs?

Some common types of questions like, what should I choose? Should I buy a natural rug or artificial one? are mostly pop up in the minds of rug buyers. Each buyer decides what to buy on the basis of pros and cons associated with these rugs. Synthetic rugs refer to made of non- natural materials like nylon, polypropylene, acrylic and polyester. They are processed and manufactured by power looms in industrial units. Cow hide rug refers to a complete skin of cow and fall in natural material rugs category.

The fibers of synthetic fiber are usually made in labs after the extensive research of scientists using different chemical synthesis. The process which is used for the preparation of synthetic fibers is called the “polymerization” in which small monomers are combined to arrange a long chain of polymer. The theme behind this mechanism is to improve upon and reduce dependency on naturally occurring fibers from living organisms.

The demand and supply graph for both types of rugs run parallel in the market. Somewhere, demand for synthetic is high, while in some parts cowhide is popular among the people. Both types carry drawbacks and benefits but final selection of each type is utterly dependent on taste, culture, behavior and purchasing power of the consumer. Synthetic rugs may be a preferred option for one individual, but worse for another one. In some cases a cow hide may give more satisfaction, while someone would like to have the combination of both synthetic and cow rugs.

In spite of some commonalities, there is a list of differences between these two types of rugs. These differences are due to material used in manufacturing, usage and various other characteristics. Below are some differences which make them distinguish from each other.

Types of Fiber:

The second name of synthetic rug is “fake rug”. These are chemically synthesized in laboratories and tend to be cheaper than natural fibers. Due to constant improvement, it seems to be confusing. One of the latest arrivals in synthetic fiber is “Triexta”, which is eco-friendly. Cow hide rugs are purely natural, eco-friendly and soft.

Difference in Durability:

Synthetic fibers are more prone to wear out quickly as compared to cowhide fibers. This difference is due to the material used in manufacturing. Cowhide rugs are made of leather and enjoy long lasting durability with soft and pliable feeling. Synthetic rugs are man – made and manufactured from chemicals which are provisional in nature.

Resistivity of Stains:

Resistivity of cowhide rugs is higher than synthetic one. In the case of synthetic rugs, the area varies from fiber to fiber. Some of them are stain resistant and others aren’t. For instance, polypropylene is not a stain resistant, unless it is not treated with certain chemicals.

Gap in Prices:

What does matter the most when it comes to pricing is the design, size and of course the material. Synthetic fibers are mostly machine made and can be mass produced with low cost, due to cheaper raw material. Cowhide is a natural rug and can’t be produced artificially which renders its price high. Cost of production is key to gapes in prices.

Which one looks perfect?

Synthetic rugs are often used for vibrant colors and themes. Abstract designs, bright colors and advanced look is associated with these synthetic fibers. These can be adjusted anywhere in living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms. Cowhide rugs are found in rustic design and deep colors. They can’t go pretty much anywhere, rather it suits only larger rooms like living rooms etc.

Difference in health aspect:

Cowhide is mostly referred to as hypo- allergenic and fragrance free. It does not need any frequent vacuuming and air cleaning. Synthetic, on the other hand, comprises bulk organic chemicals, which are volatile in nature and can be released into air with the passage of time. The inhalation of such chemicals may cause serious respiratory diseases like asthma, lungs cancer, pneumonia and chronic bronchitis.

Apart from these major differences, there are some other small differences as well which are not worth mentioning here are. These differences are beneficial and provide variety in usage, which an individual may use according to his own need.

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