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What makes the Wicker Hampers So Special?

The use of natural product becomes a necessity for those who are aware of the climate emergency. This translates into actions and purchases that aim to limit its carbon footprint on the planet. It goes from mobility by bike to the small everyday details that make the difference. We have been invaded for many years with petroleum products, especially plastic. When we see the impact on animals and on the seas that this material can make, it is high time to react. However, there is no question of losing a certain comfort and even an aestheticism in the house or for either.

To choose the right wicker hamper, it is still necessary to take precautions which are essential in particular on the origin of the raw material and especially the respect of the manufacture by craftsmen hamper weavers. To make a good choice, it is therefore advisable to linger on certain criteria that will facilitate a selection of the best wicker hamper.

How to Choose the Right Wicker Hamper?

Choosing Wicker Hampers may turn out to be a little more difficult than one imagines, which is why we are going over the basic elements here to make an applied choice and thus have a hamper that meets your expectations. Let’s not forget that the choice is both practical and environmental so let’s ask ourselves a few questions.

The size of the hamper: This is necessarily the first point to take into account when buying a hamper. Note that there are very different styles of wicker hamper with upright or smaller models to be easily transported. The size is therefore directly linked to the usefulness you are going to make of it, do not go with too large a hamper if you plan to go shopping with it, the wicker, even if it is light, can be cumbersome with an excessive size. Remember, you won’t be able to fold the hamper for storage. In addition, if you plan to place it on a bicycle, it is preferable to have a hamper that is perfectly homogeneous in size for better stability.

The material of the hamper: We speak of wicker but this style of hamper whose appearance and natural can also be made in other materials. For example, sea grass is very trendy today with hampers that are more flexible and easier to transport. Finally, cotton rope is also an interesting natural product for hampers with significant softness and strength. The cotton rope hamper is often used for the laundry hamper because of its large volume and its wide handles for easier movement.

The aesthetics of the hamper: This is the point that deserves your attention. The use of a wicker hamper on a daily basis is also a matter of elegance and therefore refinement. There are hamper weavers capable of making hampers with decorative patterns just having different shades of wicker. The aesthetic choice is therefore to be taken into account as much for outdoor use as you are for decorating your interior. The trend, for example, is to choose a wicker hamper to make a natural and pretty spot in the house.

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