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The Perfect Handyman Service As Per Your Choices

Do you have 2 left hands? Don’t feel like painting or DIY yourself? Then you have to look for a painter or handyman. How do you find it and what do you pay attention to when requesting and assessing a quote? Read our tips about which agreements you can make and what you can do in case of problems. How do you find a handyman?

Look and Ask Around You

Ask friends or acquaintances with whom they have had good experiences. If there is a van of a painter or carpenter in your street or neighborhood, you can ring the doorbell of the person he does a job for. Ask about the experiences so far and maybe you can also take a look at the work done. Many websites have reviews. Don’t be blinded by this. There are examples of handymen who had great reviews but were hugely disappointing. Check Google to see if there are any complaints about a company.


In addition to the websites of companies or professionals, there are websites such as You can often offer a job there (you will then receive a number of quotes). You can also look for a painter or handyman.

There are also websites where volunteers offer to lend a hand. This can be a solution if you have a few simple jobs to do that you can’t do yourself. Think of a small painting job, hanging lamps or connecting electronics. Always check whether the handyman has liability insurance. If he breaks something, it’s covered.

Through An Industry Association

If a company is a member of a trade association, this often has advantages. These are, for example, General Terms and Conditions agreed with the Consumers’ Association and affiliation with the Disputes Committee.

Price and Quote

Previous research has shown that the price differences between the same type of professionals are large. Because the prices vary so much and not every company approaches a job the same, it is wise to request at least 3 quotes.

Problems or Complaints

If you are dissatisfied with the work done, please report this immediately. You can then immediately agree how, and within what reasonable period of time, the shortcomings will be remedied. If that is after delivery, you may withhold a part of the price that is in reasonable proportion to the work that still needs to be done.

If you cannot resolve the matter with the company itself, you can turn to the disputes committee of the relevant industry within 3 months after you have complained to the company (provided the company is affiliated with this).

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