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Look for the Most Practical Solutions for the Desk Frames

The sit-stand desk is gaining ground, in companies as well as in individuals who need to work from home. If one is interested in the practicalities of such a desk, what advantages are there really in using it? Here are answers.

A Desk That Is Easy To Set Up and Adaptable To the Work Environment

Assembly, installation, adjustments the sit-stand desk is easy to set up. Available as a single workstation or as a multi-workstation, electric or mechanical, the sit-stand desk can be used as needed. Depending on the space available, the sit-stand desks are positioned side by side or face-to-face, possibly separated by an acoustic screen (optional). There you can make use of the Aiterminal’s standing desk frame now.

Adjustable In Just A Few Steps

Whether electrically or mechanically adjustable, the sit-stand desk can be adjusted in height with just a few simple gestures and above all effortlessly. To vary the positions during the day, all you have to do is activate the mechanism and, in a few moments, you’re done.

New, Easy-To-Learn Habits

Working in front of a sit-stand desk requires some effort at the outset, since you have to think about varying its height. Like a beginner athlete who starts running, it is advisable to start for a few minutes a day, for example using an alarm. The time is right to stretch, to answer emails, get on your tiptoes and relieve your legs and neck. Little by little, the change of position becomes a ritual then a necessity.

Immediate Benefits

You don’t have to wait long to see the benefits of the sit-stand desk. The working posture while standing is enough to generate a particularly pleasant well-being. A new sensation which, as the duration of standing work increases has repercussions on productivity and concentration. Sit-stand desk users feel more relaxed, especially those with neck, lower back, and heavy leg problems. At the end of the day, fatigue is less noticeable.

Beneficial In Case Of Back Problem

Alternating between sitting and standing at work relieves people with back problems. The 33 vertebrae and 244 muscles that make up our back, which are damaged by prolonged sitting, benefit greatly from the change in position. As long as you stand correctly in front of a sit-stand desk, the latter offers multiple advantages and helps relieve back pain for many users.

Strengthened Concentration and Creativity

At work, our mind should stay alert throughout the day in order to react quickly to important decisions. It is true that sitting down quickly causes a drop in concentration and motivation. We are then more likely to feel tired, especially after the lunch break. It is proven that the standing position increases brain activity by 20{92160c95352f2260ab94b389adae30fee587bd8176517ffc073a96a4bf11c106} , our intellectual performances are therefore proportional to our position, Victor Hugo understood this and already used at the time a writing desk in a standing position. The fact of working standing increases our concentration, but not only: this position makes us more active and open; it facilitates communication during collective projects and energizes work teams.

Listening To the Body Valued

Today, there are many people working in offices in front of a computer. Sit-stand desks have many advantages in terms of productivity and focus. They respond to a way of working where listening to the body, both physical and mental, is a fundamental element. Indeed, these ergonomic desks make the choice between performance and comfort obsolete since they take both into account at the same time. According to an American study, 62{92160c95352f2260ab94b389adae30fee587bd8176517ffc073a96a4bf11c106} of users of adjustable desks would feel more fulfilled at work.

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