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Things To Consider When Choosing Spa Tables

Spa tables are most often found in spas, resorts, salons, hotels and clinics. These massage tables are built to endure everyday use. You need to consider client comfort and quality when you buy these tables. Portable tables and spa massage tables are different from each other. The latter is on the heavier side, while the portable spa tables are constructed for trouble-free transport.

Type of spa customers

Selecting the right kind of spa table might be a bit tricky. Firstly, you need to take into account the type of customers who visit your spa to determine which table best suits them. Tables with some cushioning are generally preferred due to the comfort they offer. You need to ensure that the face cradle or the headrest is padded too. Nobody wants to get a massage on a bumpy table.

Adjustable spa tables

Adjustable footrests and armrests are important too. If you can adjust the table to serve the needs of your clients, then you can surely develop your massage business successfully. Adjustable spa tables can make the customers comfortable and thus they will become relaxed while taking pleasure in the massage.

Support varying weights

You need to ensure that the table is made up of first-class wood and can support various body weights. If the table is not made of good-quality wood, then it might squeak and hurt the ambience of a good massage. Ensure that the spa table is strong to hold large customers.

Finding professional tables at a good price

Professional spa chairs and spa tables cost you more, however, there are certain ways to get high-quality ones for your business without paying retail price. Make use of the following tips to find spa tables at a good price.

Check with your school alumnae

The massage therapy school where you graduated from should have a list of students who own a massage therapy firm. You can get in touch with them to find out if they are about to upgrade their tables and plan to sell the existing tables. If so, you can get the used professional spa tables for just a fraction of their actual cost. Keep in mind that good deals are not mostly advertised and you need to look for them.

Go to local spas

Spas in resorts mostly replace spa tables that are used only to some extent to sustain the appearance of possessing the latest spa equipment. You might get a good deal on their hardly used professional spa tables if you speak to the manager. Building a good relationship with the spa manager and spa owner might help you get additional customers too. Networking is significant in a trade like massage therapy, wherein word of mouth can make a huge difference between success and failure.

Make use of the internet

The majority of massage therapists do not opt for shopping spa tables online due to the shipping cost involved. But, the shipping costs of these tables are not as high as one might imagine. When you use the internet to search for tables for your spa business, you can obtain great deals on brand new and used massage tables. Online stores often provide discounts and so you get to save more money. You need to shop carefully after taking into account the reviews written by previous customers. You should also check the prices to ensure that you get high-quality tables for your spa business.

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