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Top Advantages Of Granite Tiles

As a reliable construction material, granite tile is one of the best choices for contemporary flooring. It comes on top of the trendy options of aesthetic flooring for the kitchen, bathroom, and countertops. Residential real estate developers consider granite tiles the best choice for the flooring to bring beautiful looks to homes or workplaces.

Now take a look at why people should opt for granite tiles for renovating homes or planning workspaces.

Reasons To Opt For Granite Tiles

Highly Sustainable

Durability is a significant factor while property owners select any tiles. Only attractive looks cannot make any tiles popular because homeowners require such tiles, which have high efficiency to reflect glossy ambiance even after colossal footfall. So, property owners always prefer sustainable flooring options for installation. The market reviews recommend granite tiles as a compatible option to install sustainable flooring.

The reputed manufacturers like TOA group recommend suitable cleaner and granite sealer to increase the durability of the granite tiles for up to long decades.

Availability Of Attractive Patterns

Attractive looks also matter a lot in the cases of floor tiles selections. And depending on the places and structures of a building, choices can vary. For example, dark granite tiles suit countertops. While homeowners opt for granite tiles for flooring installation, they always have a wide range of colors and patterns. Naturally, the availability of versatile patterns in granite tiles makes the property owners crazy to select this type of trendy tiles for flooring. The specialty of granite tiles lies in the designs of every block, which always create distinct ambiances.

Therefore, the homeowners prefer granite tiles to make every corner of a building attractive and exclusive.

Pink and green-colored granite tiles also bring a beautiful look to the flooring. Both options always create soothing ambiances, from drawing rooms to living rooms.

High Level Of Resistance Power

The homeowners always love to select a sustainable flooring option having a high range of stain resistance power for the kitchen. Because the kitchen’s countertops always face dragging and movement of diverse materials along with liquids. So, the high intensity of stain resistance always makes the granite tiles suitable for a kitchen. With granite flooring, people always feel safe and secure amidst the hassles of food preparations. The reputed flooring dealers like TOA group always recommend standard sealing of granite tiles. Proper sealing of granite-based tile ensures easy wiping. And people do not face any extra hassle to clean the sticky kitchen after food preparation. Granite tiles always offer the best stain-resistance power, like natural stone. Only the homeowners need to use authentic and formulated floor cleaners to retain the glamor of flooring.

Hypoallergenic Feature

All the homeowners have shared concerns about the cleanliness of tiles as children play on the floor. In terms of cleanliness, granite tiles get hundred out of hundred. So, the homeowners do not need to be worried about the allergic reactions of these tiles on the children’s skin. Like other natural stones, these tiles are also safe for children. Granite tiles do not retain the stickiness of cleansing liquids. So, children can play on granite floors without any fear of bacterial infections.


All this information represents the reasons behind selecting granite-based tiles for modern flooring at homes, offices, different industries, etc. The TOA group suggests the best cleansing and sealing methods for the granite tiles flooring as a reliable manufacturer.

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