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How to Disinfect Clothes from Scabies

Scabies is often misunderstood. Scabies are tiny microscopic creatures that can cause havoc in your skin and your entire house. So, how are scabies caused, and how to disinfect clothes if you have scabies? Look, scabies is a skin condition wherein you can see rashes and experience itchiness in your skin. The main reason for scabies to occur is the lack of personal hygiene. Taking care of yourself is the most important thing to do. When you don’t clean your body in a certain way, scabies are bound to happen. Therefore, scabies are a representation of the lack of personal hygiene.

The very clothes you wear can get scabies. Yes! It is possible. If you are sitting with another person for a prolonged period of time, then he/ she is bound to suffer from scabies. Scabies can be infested in your clothes, bedding, bedside, and entire house making everyone suffer. So, what to do in such a situation? Well, you can bring scabies from anywhere, i.e., hospitals, child care centers, sitting with a large group of people, etc. If you think that you might have visited a place like this and haven’t bathed after that, then you are up for a scabies infestation.

Handling scabies is quite a tedious and unsettling task. You need to follow certain steps to get rid of scabies from your clothes. Instead of creating embarrassment for yourself, it is better that you take care not to be in touch with everyone you meet – literally!

Scabies is also known as ‘human itch mite.’ In other words, you can say that scabies is a kind of parasite that requires medical attention whether it is worsened or not! Scabies can appear between your fingers, wrists, genital areas, etc., thereby, causing itchiness and red rashes on your skin. If you think you can treat such large red bumps on your skin without medication, then you are wrong.

Also, you must not misinterpret scabies with bed bugs. They both are different. Bed bugs are quite large in size and they do not infest the skin. On the other hand, bed bugs are quite large and they infest the skin and your house!

Now let us look at the ways in which you can disinfect your clothes from scabies.

How to disinfect Clothes

  1. Medication

Consulting a doctor is the first thing that you must do. A skin condition like scabies can worsen if not medicated on time. You must consult a physician who will tell you whether the situation has worsened or not! The doctor will scrape off the infested skin to see the condition. Generally, you will get cream and an ointment to treat the scabies infection. Always remember that you cannot treat scabies by yourself. Thus, if you have a scabies infection, get a treatment done.

  1. Clear Unwanted Things

Your cupboard might be full of piles of clothes. Are they neatly arranged? We think not! The second and the most important thing to do after taking medication is to clear the clutter. The cupboard has a lot of things like belts, posters, notebooks, papers, etc. Clear all the unwanted things wherein you think scabies can easily infest. Also, there might be some times when you place your dirty t-shirt with your clean clothes in the cupboard. This is where the dirty clothes can spread scabies into your neat clothes. You need to segregate unclean clothes and clean clothes so that clothes aren’t infected by scabies.

  1. Washing

Washing is really important if your clothes have got scabies. Hot water is the best way to treat scabies. Soak your clothes in hot water and leave them for some time. Rub the clothes and let them air dry. Do not put any detergent or chemical powder in hot water. Wash your clothes in hot water at a temperature of 130 degrees Fahrenheit. This will fully exterminate scabies. Remember to wear gloves while washing so that the hot water doesn’t affect your skin.

  1. Sprays for Disinfecting Clothes

Sprays are readily available in the markets. You can disinfect your clothes by spraying them on your clothes. You can also use such sprays on handles, remote, sofas, etc., Thus, use a disinfectant spray or wipes to clean your clothes.

So, these are some of the ways as to how to disinfect clothes in case of scabies. Getting rid of scabies is extremely essential as it can worsen the situation if not treated properly. Do not panic if you have scabies. With proper treatment and hygiene, scabies can easily be removed. Thus, first, take medication and then follow the steps mentioned above to disinfect your clothes from scabies. Try the methods mentioned above and maintain personal hygiene.


  1. How do I kill scabies on clothes?

The first thing is to decontaminate the clothes by washing them in hot water. Use hot water and further dry clean your clothes. Remove body contact from the surfaces that you use regularly.

  1. Which disinfectant spray kills scabies?

There are a lot of disinfectant sprays available in the market. But you must use a permethrin spray to disinfect your clothes. It is a liquid solution that can clean your clothes if you do not wish to wash them. Just spray on the clothes and leave it for 30 minutes.

  1. How long can scabies survive in the clothes?

Scabies does not last long. They last for two days. But infestation can also be done in two days. Thus, it is important that you take the steps mentioned above to get rid of scabies. Remember not to pet dogs or cats as they also carry scabies in them. They can transfer it to you!

  1. How can I kill scabies instantly?

Scabies can be instantly killed with a permethrin spray or cream. If it is on your skin, then cream is good. If it is on your clothes or bed, then a spray would do the needful. Try out either of them as you suit!

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