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Factors you must know about blackout curtain installation

When you hear that you must install something over a wall or just anywhere in the house it might seem like a task that you have to take on, dramatically speaking a daunting path you must tread on, but installing or simply saying putting up your curtains might not be as difficult as it is supposed to be. You can do it on your own with some help of course. In this blog, we will lead you through the process and how you can easily install them at your place. You may need:

  • Blackout curtains
  • Manual of instructions- if any
  • Curtain rod
  • Mounting brackets plus screws
  • Screws with wall anchors
  • Curtain knobs
  • Power drill or hammer
  • Pencil
  • Measuring tape
  • Iron


  • Take out your curtains, dust them off or iron them if they look wrinkled, wash them if you think they need to be cleaned, follow the instruction manual provided by the supplier.
  • Measure your windows; determine the length you wish for the curtains to have and how far they should spread on your window. Ideally, you can install them 5 inches above the window.
  • Now you have a better idea where to install the curtains, mark that with a pencil. Now put the bracket along the mark you made to measure where the screws will be installed. Make another mark.
  • Start with a pilot hole if you don’t know what’s behind the wall if you can move forward then drill holes of the screw size if you don’t have a power drill no worries use your trusty hammer for this job.
  • Inside the hole tap in the wall anchor and apply the bracket over it, fit in the screw. Keep it a bit loose and tighten them when all screws are installed.
  • Now that you have installed the brackets, ready the curtains and hang them on the rod. Fit the curtain knobs on both ends so that the curtains do not fall over the edges while you are installing them over the brackets.
  • Put the rod over the mounting brackets, arrange it on the window according to your liking, and secure it by setting screws using a screwdriver.
  • Voila! You have installed the curtains. Make sure to open and close them to see if they are installed correctly or if they need any changes. Other than that, after all this hard work you have earned yourself a nap.


  • Always make a pilot hole first because you don’t know you might hit a stud or pillar while drilling into the wall.
  • Always have extra materials and tools by your side, these things tend to break easily and loose without any warning. Be sure that you won’t have to go to the market again and again.
  • Be patient and give yourself time when doing this, take a break, hydrate yourself, and have a snack before getting back to work.
  • Get some help. It is always better to have 4 hands than 2. You will end up finishing the work faster and have an enjoyable experience as well.

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