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Hearing Plumbing Noises? Here’s What They Mean

There are instances wherein you may be surprised to hear sounds coming from your pipes, fixtures, or anywhere in your plumbing system. The first thing that may come to your mind when you do hear these sounds is whether you should be alarmed or otherwise. To shed light on this matter, this article lists down some of the most common plumbing noises, as well as what they mean.


One of the most common plumbing noises that you may be able to hear is a gurgling sound. In this case, you may either have a clogged pipe, or there is an issue with your drain vent. If you tend to hear this noise in more than a single drain in your home, then the seasoned contractors in one of the best plumbing companies Sydney locals rely on suggest that you have your drain vent checked and replaced if necessary.


Another common sound that you may hear from your plumbing system is banging. This noise is usually caused by a closed valve that is hindering water from freely flowing down your pipe. When you hear a banging sound, there is already a big chance of damage to your pipes. It can even mean that you already have loose joints because the air chambers in the pipe valves are already clogged.

Hissing or Screeching

There is also the chance for you to hear a hissing or a screeching sound coming from your plumbing system. The first may simply mean that your water pressure is too high while the second can be a result of a damaged fixture particularly when you only notice it when you turn on a faucet even before the water begins flowing out. 

In terms of high water pressure, there is the option for you to install a water pressure regulator to help you monitor the water level of your plumbing system and keep it always regulated. On the other hand, make sure to replace your faucet when you already begin to hear screeching noise as soon as you begin operating it.

Final Word

The plumbing noises listed above are only some of the ones that you may hear in your plumbing system. There may be others and these can be quite alarming. Nevertheless, to ensure that you will have nothing to worry about when it comes to your plumbing system, make sure to have a seasoned plumber routinely check and maintain it.

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