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Smart Solutions With Coffee Making Now

Choosing the right coffee machine is the guarantee of being satisfied and of sharing a good moment of conviviality around a cup of espresso coffee. Here are our tips for making the right choice. The Ninja Coffee Bar system is perfect in this case.

What Is That?

An automatic coffee bean machine, also called an espresso grinder, allows you to produce coffee automatically from beans that are not yet ground. This coffee is produced with a pressure of 15 bars and comes from beans that you must place in the tank beforehand. You can choose if you want a longer coffee or an espresso, the mechanism is the same.

This type of machine differs from the pod or capsule machine in that you are free to choose which bean you want to use and some say that the coffee tastes and smells different. There are many types of coffee bean machines on the market and it can be difficult to navigate. Luckily, we’ve put together tips from all of our coffee experts to answer any questions you might have.

What Are The Best Tips For Choosing A Coffee Bean Machine?

The reservoir

The first criterion to take into account when choosing a coffee bean machine is its capacity: it depends on the size of the water tank and the bean container. These two parameters determine the number of cups a coffee bean machine can brew without filling the coffee bean hopper or the water tank.

The capacity of a coffee machine is therefore limited by one of the two reservoirs. Let’s take an example: your machine has a 1.4l water tank and a bean container that can hold 200g of coffee beans.

With the water tank, your machine will be able to make 1.4 / 0.10 (10cl = 0.10l = standard volume of a cup of espresso coffee), i.e. 14 coffees.

With the coffee bean hopper, this same machine will be able to produce 200/7 (7g = quantity of coffee beans in a cup) = 28.6 or 28 coffees.

The capacity of your machine is limited by its water tank. Its capacity is therefore 14 cups. Warning: this notion of capacity is an indication of its autonomy, because of course, you can very well fill the water tank several times during the day.

The Type of Drink

Before choosing your model of coffee bean machine, consider defining the type of hot drinks you want to prepare without forgetting that each coffee beans has its own taste characteristics. Do you want to serve espresso only or will you need a machine capable of producing espressos, long coffees, tea (thanks to a hot water outlet), or gourmet coffees such as cappuccinos, hot chocolate? In the latter case, make sure the presence of a cream generator tip (sometimes called a Cappuccino nozzle) for lovers of cappuccino, latte and other gourmet drinks.


Buying a coffee bean machine is a real investment. Admittedly, the initial setting is higher than for a espresso machine or even more than for a simple filter machine. But eventually, you will find yourself there since the cost of coffee beans is much lower than capsules and pods, just as the taste of the coffee is more elaborate. Be sure to consult the manufacturers’ guarantees as well as the terms of after-sales service to avoid any disappointment.


Design is very subjective, but you have to see it in two ways. The first is that if the machine is bought to go to your home, it is better if it goes well with your interior. A coffee machine of this type does not move easily, it is best to find a place for it in the kitchen and leave it there.

The second is that if the machine is destined for your office, it is in a way a showcase for potential customers who will pass there. What could be better than having a good coffee out of a nice machine after a stressful meeting?

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