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Top 3 Carpet Styles Everyone Prefers

Thinking about installing a new carpet? Must consider the style before buying that would suit your interior best. The style of your carpet mainly depends upon the way the fibers are stuck to their back. It’s only the style of your carpet that influences both the durability and aesthetics. In the previous times, the carpet became softer as the height of the pile increased. But it made carpets harder to clean. Thanks to improved technology and fiber systems that made the production of soft carpets with high durability. Let us get you familiarized with the top 3 carpet styles everyone prefers;

  1. Cut-Pile:

As the name suggests, these types of carpets are without loops. Yarn loops are cut during their manufacturing process thereby creating an upright pile that looks more luxurious than a loop pile. These carpets achieve their durability by the amount of fiber used, amount of twist in the yarn, and density of tufts. Greater twists make the shape of these carpets more resilient.

  • Cut-Pile Plush (Velvet): This carpet style is dense and luxurious. It is ideal for formal settings or low-traffic areas. Vacuum marks and footprints can be easily seen on these carpets.
  • Saxony: The refined surface of these carpets is well suited to any high traffic room such as a dining room or living room.
  • Textured Plush: Considered as a great “whole-house” carpet because it hides vacuum marks and footprints.
  • Frieze: Its curly textured surface helps in minimizing the footprints and vacuum marks. Ideal for frequent traffic areas.
  • Cable: This carpet style is somewhat similar to frieze. Here, few fibers are thin and few are thick that creates a varied appearance.
  1. Loop-pile (Berber):

Fibers in these carpets are formed into loops. The only benefit of these carpets is that they can be short or tall and tightly or loosely constructed. It all depends upon the number and size of the loops. These carpets are best for high-traffic areas and are highly durable. Moreover, they hide the dirt and dust. There are two types of these carpets available;

  • Level Loop-Pile: In this type, loops are creating a uniform look as they are of equal height. This style is highly durable and long-lasting. Darker flecks on a lighter background are the top-most styles used these days.
  • Multi-Level Loop-Pile: As the name suggests, this type consists of multi-level loops with different heights to create the texture, providing a real dimensional look.
  1. Cut Loop:

This carpet style is a mix of cut-pile and loop-pile. Cut-loop carpets are not only soft and plush but long-lasting as well.

Which Carpet Style You Should Consider?

Ultimately, the decision among these three carpet styles comes down to your needs and preferences. If you are considering durability and affordability as your chief goals, go for a loop-pile. Cut-pile is preferred if you want to impress your guests and visitors. And if you want a style that can bear high traffic areas, there is no better option than cut-loop. So, go for one that best suits your interior and fulfills your needs!

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