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In Ottawa, well water testing is required for real estate transactions.

When purchasing or selling real estate, a number of inspections are required to establish the condition of the building and its integrated systems. These inspections are designed to protect the interests of the seller, buyer, insurance agencies, lenders, and other interested parties. Prior to the conclusion of a real estate transaction, an inspection of the well system and water quality tests are often necessary for properties that get water from a private well rather than a municipal water supply. This assists in identifying any well problems and determining whether there are sufficient impurities in the water supply, allowing interested parties to negotiate a solution, such as corrective action or a reduction in the price of the property.

The expertise at Water testing service can provide well water solutions for real estate transactions, including well water inspections, water quality testing, and all necessary documents. All pertinent state and municipal agencies have certified us, and all local, state, and federal rules are been followed. Since 1979, the water testing company has provided water testing and conditioning services to residential and commercial customers throughout Ottawa.

Contaminants that may be present in well water

Unlike municipal water, water from a private well is not chlorinated or cleaned, and the well is not normally monitored for contamination by federal or state agencies. Annual testing is advised to check water quality, and extra testing should be undertaken by the seller or buyer prior to closing any real estate transaction.

Contaminants in well water may include:

  • Bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms are all examples of microorganisms.
  • Lead, cadmium, iron, and copper are examples of metals.
  • Arsenic, acids, nitrates, and nitrites are all toxic.
  • VOCs, petroleum products, insecticides, and other chemicals are all examples of chemicals.
  • Radium, radon, or uranium

Water testing service can take samples from the distribution system and evaluate them for potential pollutants. All applicable paperwork is been gathered and made accessible, such as testing location reports, sample reports, chain of custody, and lab results, for the purposes of the transaction.

Real Estate Transactions Require Well Water Testing and Analysis

Water testing service is certified by the Ottawa Department of the Environment to conduct sample collection and well water testing for real estate transactions, and guidelines are been adhered to the established by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the Clean Water Act, and the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Water testing conduct for a variety of real estate transactions, including:

  • Conventional financing
  • Loans from the VA
  • FHA mortgages
  • Permits for occupancy or use

Total coliform, e. nitrates, coli, turbidity, sand, and pH testing are required, as are optional tests for lead, nitrates, iron, radon, arsenic, and other contaminants, depending on the type of loan, local rules, and the favourites of the absorbed parties. It can also be performed extra testing based on lender specifications, such as flow tests for VA loans.

The sample collection process adheres to Ottawa Department of the Environment regulations, which include on-site tests, sample identification, chain of custody documentation, and proper handling protocols such as cross-contamination prevention and temperature storage.

Expertise at Water testing service can make the real estate deal easier by offering all of the testing, examination, and documentation required for properties with private wells.

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