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Why it is Important to Stay at Home during Covid-19 & Not Take it as a Joke?

Covid -19 has brought about a sweeping change in the entire nation. It has changed the face of the normal living society. Now, people cannot even do their regular tasks like exercising, going to school, office or giving exams and many more. This disease has been spreading like wildfire and people need to take extreme care and precaution to stop from spreading the disease. Death rates have been very high off late. Moreover, people are struggling to fight against the disease. It is also every individual’s moral and social responsibility to take precautions and not to step out of the house and put our brothers and sisters (and fellow citizens) in danger. This also applies to the people who are suffering from the pandemic.

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Stay Home & Save Lives

Therefore, everyone needs to Stay Home and Safe in Covid 19, as it is not a joke. This is a pandemic and it is affecting all the people around the world. Some old people & kids had a habit of moving outdoors like for exercise, cycling, playing games and such activities must have stopped due to the pandemic. But, the saying has been aptly quoted, “Prevention is better than Cure”. Plus, staying home is better than falling sick and losing one’s life. People should also be aware of the fact that medical treatment for this pandemic, especially in serious cases is costly.

How to Stay at Home?

People who are getting bored can get involved in many activities rather than going out of the house. You can listen to music, go outside their building and breathe fresh air or from the balcony. The most important people can spend time with their family and friends or read books, watch movies. You can also play various kinds of indoor games like Carom, Chess, Ludo, or cards game or cooking. If you love playing online games then you can even do that and win different forms of cash prizes and other prizes.

Wear Mask & Carry Sanitizers –

It is very important to wear a mask and carry a sanitizer. Apart from that, one of the main reasons why people should avoid going out is because there are many places from where the disease can catch us like lifts, shops where ATM cards are used, using cash, vegetable markets, etc. It is very important to keep a social distance and stay at least 6 feet away from any person when you go out. And, it is always better to avoid going to a friends place or a relative’s place.

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