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Best Hotel Housekeeping tips for home cleaning

Hotel housekeepers, who often clean more than a dozen hotel rooms per day, don’t just need to clean quickly to keep guests satisfied; they also need to do their jobs efficiently and effectively. It won’t be wrong to say that housekeepers have some of the smartest cleaning tools and techniques out there. Here are some tips offered by them that we can share with you:

  1. Vinegar and water are the best glass cleaner

Using vinegar as a glass cleaner can be an effective tool. Just add it to a water mixture and apply it to glass and mirrors to get the best results.

  1. Clean your baseboards ergonomically

You don’t want to skip cleaning your baseboards because even though your floors are clean, dirty baseboards will make the whole room feel dingier than it is. And to make it worse, if you have an injured back, cleaning baseboards can be one of the most hectic jobs. Well, there are easy-to-use cleaning tools available in the market these days that can help you clean your baseboards easily. 

  1. Use a UV light to find those hidden stains

Keeping your upholstery clean can be a tough task, especially if you have small kids or pets. Even though you have cleaned the upholstery by yourself, the chances are that you ignored the hidden stains, which in turn make your rugs or dining room chairs smelly. A smart solution would be to find the hidden stains with a UV light and remove them!

  1. Clean before you disinfect

Disinfecting is an important factor in keeping your house safe from germs and bacteria. Cleaning the surface initially helps in eliminating all the particles with a simple wipe and best prepares the area for sanitizing and disinfecting. 

  1. Read the instructions

Always take the time to read product labels before beginning with your cleaning and disinfecting process. It is important to understand how much proportion of the product has to be taken and how it has to be used. Some products require a certain surface contact time to completely sanitize and disinfect the area before they’re wiped away.

  1. Separate wet and dry work

One should make a habit of separating wet and dry work as it doesn’t just save time — it also prevents cross-contamination. For example, you could start by sweeping, dusting and vacuuming, then wiping down surfaces and mopping. 

  1. Open a window or door while cleaning

Ever wondered why housekeepers leave the door open when they’re cleaning a hotel room? It’s a common practice housekeepers use to air out and deodorize rooms while cleaning. When cleaning your house, you should always ensure to leave a pathway to the outdoors open from the room you’re cleaning, even if it’s just an apartment hallway.

  1. Always dry wet surfaces

Whether cleaning your sink or countertop, make sure that you never leave their surfaces wet. The reason is that moisture from these surfaces can become a host for mold and scum. Always dry surfaces after using them to maintain their cleanliness.

  1. Sanitize again at the end

You may think after completing the cleaning task that you are done. But no, you’re not done. In the end, always wipe down and sanitize high-contact points like handles and faucets as they may have got contaminated while you were cleaning everything else. 

  1. Close the windows and perform one final check

Close all the room windows and balcony doors and check if any smell remains. An air freshener will be effective in eliminating any foul smell.

Complete one final sweep of the room to ensure nothing has been missed before leaving.

Final Thoughts

Keep these above-mentioned points in mind the next time you search for House Keeping Supplies Online

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