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Are you working in the firewood north wales industry? Then you must be excited by the autumn season that has arrived. This is the time when a lot of people begin to purchase firewood. People who purchase firewood have reasons they do so. It can be for occasional campfire aesthetic whiles others for preparation for a long winter.

Whatever your reason might be, you need to know the right way to package or bundle your firewood. There are several ways to pack firewood but there are three best options which we will discuss in this article.

Three main ways of packaging firewood

  1. Strapping-:

Strapping is a plastic substrate that is used in bundling items and firewood is one of these items. There are varieties of strapping materials that are available, but the commonly used is plastic material.

The strapping material is used to apply the strap in firewood. It is designed in rolls of long thin shreds of material.

  1. Shrink Wrap-:

Shrinkwrap is another to bundle firewood. It is done with packaging machinery. The machine also seals conveyor, and heat tunnels. It is on the conveyor belt that the firewood will be stacked and separated.

The conveyor works awesomely. It helps to move the bundles through the sealer, then the sealer will coat the bundles in a loose bag of plastic.

Next, a long metal corridor that has a heater inside which is called the ‘heat tunnel’ is where the bundle of wood goes through. The heat tunnel blows hot air into the bundle of firewood, which results in shrinkage, making the firewood shrink uniformly around the bundle.

Next, the bundles will be stacked on pallets, stretch wrap, and shipped to retailers. This is the process of shrink wrap.

  1. Stretch Wrap-:

This is a method used in bundling firewood in large quantities. It can be of dozens, hundreds per day of pallets of firewood.

When it comes to stretching wrap there is a countless method used one of which is “Orbital Pallet Wrapping”. This is used for packaging odd-shaped or flattened items, for example, firewood, windows, carpets, etc. It is very useful in sending the stretch wrap over & under the load that the machine contains.


These are three methods that should be followed when it comes to the bundling of firewood. But, to further package them properly, you might as well a company that sells the materials and machinery like Arbworks.

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