Monday, July 22, 2024

Three Paver Options You Can Use for Your Driveway

The most common surfaces used for driveways by far are concrete and asphalt. Both are durable materials that are reasonably priced.

However, both of these materials have grown a little monotonous over time. If you’re sick of seeing the same old driveways, it’s time to consider employing driveway pavers for your upcoming project.

This blog gives you three alternatives you can use for your driveway pavers in Illinois.

1 – Brick pavers

A rectangular red brick is a sustainable option for low-traffic areas like fireplaces and pathways. The red bricks are created from clay that has been burned in a kiln and does not include any artificial materials, making them environmentally friendly.

Due to its placement beside each other and lack of an interlocking pattern, the brick paver is simple to install.

2 – Cobblestone paver

Since ancient times, cobblestone has been a preferred material. The key factor is that it requires substantially less care and is extremely strong, resilient, and lasting. The roadways were paved with it. The most popular materials for cobblestones are granite, sandstone, basalt, or limestone.

They are also a good option for the fireplace because they can sustain high temperatures without suffering any harm. You can find an abundance of designs, patterns, hues, and textures of cobblestone for driveway pavers in Illinois.

3 – Plastic paver

Old recycled plastic is used to make plastic pavers. The plastic paver, which can be customized and meets the criteria for a good paver, is a revolutionary concept. The plastic paver’s surface is sufficiently tough to prevent scratching.

Plastic driveway pavers in Illinois can be tinted with various hues, and dyes can be used to create various shapes.

Wrapping up 

All sorts of vehicle traffic should be easily handled by properly constructed and maintained driveway pavers, which should also be resilient enough to survive for a long period without cracking or breaking down. If you wish to install maintenance-free driveway pavers in Illinois, please contact Elite Paving & Sealcoating.

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