Tuesday, April 16, 2024

How can Pre-construction termite control done before construction can make you incur repair costs ?

Do you know not having Pre-construction termite control done before  construction can make you incur repair costs that would be much  more than the cost you incurred to make the building! 

Now that is really scary, is it not? We know you are now eager to  know what exactly is Pre-construction termite control! 

You will agree that construction of a commercial building is quite  expensive, with location and costs involved in construction being quite  high, we need to be quite sure that we do not leave any loopholes that  might bring in a heap of trouble later. 

Pre-construction termite control service by professionals is the first thing that should be planned and worked out before the start of the construction. Termites  are difficult to be identified and are generally hidden deep inside the  wood and do gradually eat into the commercial building undetected,  till it’s too late! Yes, by the time the existence of termites is known,  they would have probably spread like a wildfire, and the only way to  control it would be to go in for extensive repairs, treatment, and  remodeling which would result in costs to be more than you did spend  during construction! And adding to the horror story is the commercial  loss that you would have to put up with during the time the overall  repair and maintenance work is being done. 

So, architects, building planners and owners do need to know what is  Pre-construction termite control. 

In simple words, it is the treatment of the soil done that would be far  below the place where the foundation of the building is being planned  for. Our experts would be personally visiting the site and would look  into the area in and around the proposed foundation and work out the  perfect solution and plan out Pre-construction termite control so that  we do possibly practically completely rule out the chances of any  termite attack on the building ever in future. 

To put it in simple, terms Pre-construction termite control is a  barricade of chemicals that are created that not only keeps the  termites away possibly forever but also kills the existing termites that  are present in the soil so that they don’t multiply and spread their  tentacles and make the construction possibly useless and fragile! 

We have presented Pre-construction termite control in simple terms  for you to understand, but actually, it’s quite an extensive process  done by a team of highly skilled engineers who do understand the  basic construction drawings from the architects and brainstorm to  present in the best possible treatment available and required. Our  team of skilled technical engineers does have perfect knowledge,  skills, and training to plan the right amount of chemicals, proper  barrier for termites, and other skills to get the best job done! 

So, Pre-construction termite control is the first thing that needs to be  worked out before the start of construction. 

Please do feel to call on us to get the best possible solutions for a  termite-free and resistant foundation. 

We don’t want you to end up spending a fortune on extensive repairs  within a few years of construction!  

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