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3 Ways a Plumber Does to Fix a Blocked Drainage

Can you imagine yourself getting up in the morning, ready to take on your day and be welcome with unpleasant blocked drainage? It is possibly among the worst ways to start your day. It is a nightmare coming true right before your eyes. 

Never fear. All problems have solutions, and blocked drains are no different. Clogs in drainage aren’t always a shallow case. In truth, it goes way more profound and more problematic than you had initially expected. Or other times, you think it is that severe, but it isn’t at all.

There are several ways to deal with this on your own, but plumbers in Rockdale always do it professionally better. How do plumbers fix the issue? What are their techniques to restore clogged drainage? Find out the three ways a plumber fixes blocked drainage right here.

Plumber’s Snake

No, it isn’t the snake that constricts or injects venom into your body. It is a manual drain snake or formally known as a drain auger. It is a tool, small inbuilt, that bores and rotates slowly, pushing through the clog.

The device’s terminal end is shaped like a hook corkscrew. The hook rotates continuously until the plumber’s snake handle is turned. 

When do plumbers use the drain auger? It is more suited for cleaning minor toilet and drain clogs dislodging debris that may have passed through the system. 

Powered Snakes

These snakes provide an extra mile of power for the plumbers to solve the clogged drainage problems. The motorised snakes assist with easing away the blockage that’s most often found further deeper down the drain line. As the manual snake can only reach up to 10 feet, the powered snake reaches 150 feet. Aside from its motorised electric power, it has torque and continuous rotation operation.

When are plumbing-powered snakes most useful? These tools effectively remove the blockages at the tree root infiltration. Besides that, plumbers use it to clean out food waste, grease, and sewage clogs. The motorised snakes work great unless the pipes are old and about to corrode. 

Because its powerful motor may break away chunks of the pipes when trying to clear away the blockage. In the end, you’ll find yourself in a much unfavourable situation. So, it’s imperative to discuss the matter with your plumber on the current state of your pipe and drain system before pursuing a method for clearing the block.

Hydro-Jet Machine

If you want to deal with the blockage without having to wait much longer and have it resolved at the soonest time possible, the hydro-jet plumbing machine is your best bet. It flushes away every bit of years’ worth of build-up due to soap, grease, and other residues, debris found in the plumbing lines. 

Don’t let those plumbing blockages block your day’s activities. Solve it immediately by connecting to the blocked drain plumber in Rockdale through this link.

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