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What Are the Benefits of Building A Pergola with Timber Rather Than Steel?

When you want something shady or peaceful place for you outside your house, then a pergola will be the best option. However, choosing amongst so many options is going to be tough for you. You will have to make the right choice to get the right look.

Pergolas Melbourne is found in many houses as it not only gives you the right ambience, but also a luxurious look for your home. However, which material is more preferred by people is something you need to know. So, here in this article, we are writing about the pros and cons of timber and steel material.


Timber is better when you need a variety of tailored designs, which will go well with the humble look of your house. A good thing about this timber material is that it can be repainted in the way you want and it will look as new as you did it the first time. They will generally give a rustic look to your house and is easily resistant to sand and salt in case you live near the beach. Getting a timber pergolas Melbourne is not as difficult for you as you might have lots of options available online. Most importantly timber is also strong and can support solar panels too.


Steel is also an excellent choice when it comes to pergolas. It has a weather protection property. You get that Bondor roofing which is an insulated roof panel system that helps to keep cool during the summer season.

The best pergolas builders Melbourne who we know about are the SD Built which is having around 40+ years of carpentry experience. When it comes to a pocket-friendly option, timber is good. Steel is expensive though but you don’t need to spend on its maintenance and it lasts longer.

SD Built is also one of the best deck builders Melbourne. Just try to look out for their website for more details.

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