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The Great Details with Furniture Shipping Now`

Do you want to send a large package in the country or internationally? Do you need to find a cheap furniture transport service for your move? Are you worried that these solutions will be expensive or complicated?

The expert service provides you with the best furniture transport solutions to prove to you that sending a heavy package can be easy and economical.

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Cheap Furniture Transport: The Best Solutions

Thanks to the best furniture shipping services, compare the offers of the best carriers and choose the service adapted to your needs. Whatever your situation, our online comparator will show you the best solution for transporting furniture. When it comes to Furniture Shipping choosing the best person is essential.

Transport Of Furniture In The Same City

To transport a piece of furniture in the same city, nothing could be simpler. Visit our online consignment comparator. Indicate the name or postal code of the city in question in the “departure” and “arrival” boxes. Indicate the dimensions of your package in centimetres and its weight in kilograms. The various carriers that can take charge of your furniture are displayed. Depending on your preferences, you can sort the results by transit speed or by price.

For each furniture transport solution, a drop-down tab provides more precise information on the shipping conditions of the chosen transporter. Now all you have to do is compare, send and save! By ordering from, you can also benefit from insurance and a significant reduction from our partner carriers.

Do you prefer to transport between individuals?

You can then go to specific specialized applications., for example, offers to take advantage of the empty space in the safe of an individual to transport your package. You can benefit from insurance included with your shipments. You can also place an ad on to share your needs. Of course, you will not have the same guarantees and advantages as a professional transporter, and it will not be easy to find someone for journeys that are not too busy or with long distances.


Protect the corners of the package well and check that the packaging covers the entire furniture. To successfully reassemble the cabinet, do not lose the installation instructions or the screws. Remember: the package must be able to withstand shocks and vibrations, but also small drops. Despite the attention and care taken by ourselves, we are never safe from disappointment because we are not transport professionals. A poorly delivered package could lead to delay or damage to the furniture.

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