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6 Ways to Bring Modernity to A Kitchen

More and more homeowners are choosing to upgrade, remodel or renovate their kitchens, and contemporary is fast becoming the most popular style. Keeping in mind the functionality of a kitchen and how many members of the household may be using it at any given time, you’ll want to think about making good use of what space is available in the kitchen, along with adding modern appliances, fixtures and fittings.

For ideas on how to bring modernity to your kitchen renovation, check out the 6 pointers below:

  1. Use horizontal lines

Horizontal lines, although it may not always be immediately apparent, can help bring simplicity and functionality to a space such as a kitchen, and is easy to achieve with the use of long, wide-stacked cabinets and simple flat hardware. By placing a long island in the middle of your kitchen and having it run parallel to your cabinets, can also create a horizontal, sleek line that becomes a focal point.

  1. Try monochromatic color schemes

To help complement the simplicity of flat panel or shaker kitchen cabinetry, you can try using a monochromatic color palette. Bright white kitchens with neutral accents are extremely popular in modern homes, but aside from an accent color or two, try to keep your flooring, walls, kitchen cabinets, countertops and other décor and appliances, the same neutral color.

  1. Go for a minimalistic design when detailing

With a contemporary kitchen, the emphasis is usually upon the integral elements of the space, such as appliances, cabinetry and countertops etc., and wall art and other decorative items are typically kept to a minimum.

  1. Use natural materials

In a modern kitchen, natural materials can really shine, and whether you select wood-stained cabinets or a bright, beautiful marble countertop, trying to accentuate the beauty of nature in your kitchen, will give it a modern look that other kitchens simply can’t compete with.  That said, while leaving natural materials to shine is a great idea, using too many can have the opposite effect, and make the kitchen appear too busy and dysfunctional.

  1. Make your color choices and styles consistent

Every element in your kitchen will play a role in its overall design, so it’s important to think carefully about the furniture, lighting and other accents, and ensure that they’re all consistent in color and style, or contrast in a way that is ordered and uniform.

  1. Use of industrial accents

Many modern kitchens nowadays include an industrial accent, whether this be exposed brick walls or backsplash, an open ceiling that exposes the pipes and fittings or a concrete slab countertop, and provided they’re incorporated with thought and precision, they can really add a finishing touch to the space.

Maybe your kitchen needs to be modernized to keep it in line with the rest of your home, or perhaps you want to start with your kitchen to inspire you to modernize the rest of your home? Whatever your reason for wanting to design a modern kitchen, there’s the right kitchen remodeling company out there to help you achieve your dream.

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