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Talisman against negative energies – learn to do

Do you want to know how to get rid of negative energy from your home? The charms can help you help and not just mere part of the decor, but also powerful objects to protect and help win you want – like love and prosperity. Man has always used various devices to drive negative energy out of his life. Be they come to me spiritual amulets, talismans, herbal baths or sympathies, getting rid of the evil eye, the feeling of envy or any other negative charge they place on us is necessary to maintain the quality of life and attract good things to our day to day.

Stones and crystals

Since ancient times, it is known that stones have therapeutic powers that can be used by us, and many of them can drive away negative energies.

Black Tourmaline – It is a protective talisman, which repels all negative energy, anger, envy, resentment and insecurity.

White Quartz – Also known as milky quartz, it is a talisman with numerous healing properties, including energy revitalization.

Moonstone – It is a talisman directly linked to love. It is used to ward off negative energy placed in relationships, solve problems between couples, and help to increase confidence.

Grenade – It is a talisman normally linked to sexuality and passion, but which also has the essential property of activating and balancing the body’s energy circulation.

Cat’s Eye Stone – A talisman dissipates the energy of the aura and gives us protection. Like white quartz, its property is one of energetic renewal, ideal for those who already suffer from negative energies in their daily lives.

Herbs and plants

Herbs are also powerful in their mission to neutralize negative energies and protect against them.

Mandrake – This herb helps to ward off the evil that hinders your financial life. Those who have negative energies hindering their professional success can put a piece of the root on top of the money in their wallet.

Moonwort – Moonwort is an herb often used in the bath of crystals, to cleanse their energy. Likewise, it can renew our energies. It can be used in a number of ways.

Lavender – It is an herb known to ward off envy and the evil eye. There are different ways to use it. You can light lavender incense or prepare a solution to go around the house.

Rosemary – Rosemary has several properties. It helps to protect against negative energy, against assaults, against nightmares, besides purifying the person’s aura.

Blonde – It is used as a talisman to avoid negativities. Leaves left under the pillow induce prophetic dreams.

How to make a powerful talisman

You can combine the powers of herbs and stones with a pentagram to create a powerful talisman against heavy energies in your life. We encourage you to make this talisman on a waning or new moon Monday or Tuesday. Clean and energize the stones of your choice. Place them in a black velvet bag one by one. Afterwards, start putting the herbs one by one. Tie with black ribbon and tie 7 knots. With black thread, sew a metal pentagram on the outside so that it is clearly visible.

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