Between 10 and fifteen years after the last time you painted your ceiling, it is suggested that you do it again. In order to avoid having to move furniture or other obstructions in the way when painting, it is recommended that the ceilings and remaining interior walls be painted together, if this is at all possible. Doing the job all at once is more efficient. Now read on How often and when should I paint my ceiling below.

So, which shade of white do you find most appealing?

Depending on the manufacturer, ceilings are almost always white or a variation of white, such as an eggshell shine. This is because no one wants to draw attention to themselves. Rooms are talked about in terms of what is inside of them rather than what is outside of them.

Choosing a paint colour for the ceiling should be done in conjunction with the following:

  • The panelling and crown moulding in your house
  • Your window casings and mouldings are in need of repair.
  • Your baseboards and mouldings at the bottom
  • Frames of your doors

What about the front and rear doors? If you want to keep using white or switch to anything else you may have to do that as well. (Here are a few more ideas for painting doors and picking colours that you might like.

Because walls fade more quickly, different paints are utilised for the ceiling and the walls of an interior area

Interior walls can be harmed by scuff marks, sunlight, and foot traffic if the paint is of poor quality. Fortunately, even in the children’s rooms, the ceilings are unlikely to see much foot traffic.

For the most part, the kitchen and dining room ceilings get the worst of the filth

Oil, splatters, food, water, and a whole lot more can build up on the walls of a kitchen. What are you going to use that for, tomato sauce?

A large amount of the damage generated by the kitchen will blow into the dining room based on its position. What if you don’t believe me? After wiping out your dining room’s light fixtures with a paper towel, you’ll notice how greasy they are.

Your bathroom’s ceiling is prone to a lot of heat and moisture

If your bathroom is showing indications of needing a paint job more than any other room in the house, save perhaps the kitchen, it should not be a surprise. It is difficult to see through the windows because the moisture from the hot showers and baths is sucked into the room by ventilation vans, which concentrate the sun’s glare at acute angles. Another unusual thing about the facilities is how the dust gets “swept” around in the water.

A fresh coat of paint should be applied by professional painters with plenty of experience

If your walls aren’t particularly high or vaulted in height, most people can paint their own walls without the aid of ladders or other specialised equipment. You’ll only need a broom and a rod to get started.

Using a firm like Woodiwiss Painting eliminates the risk of a painter getting hurt. Using an upside-down paintbrush correctly is a must, as is preventing paint from smearing all over the place. More paint was applied to the walls, the trim, and the floor than the ceiling during many jobs where the ceiling was painted. You don’t have to worry about masking difficult-to-reach borders and edges using masking tape, either.

Let us know if and when you intend to paint the ceiling

Whether you need a new paint colour or a new paint job, our painters and paint consultants are available to help you in any way they can. Residents of Walnut Creek, Orinda, Danville, and the rest of the East Bay who live near the I-680 highway corridor can get free estimates. Woodie’s phone number is (925) 690-1463, and you may contact him at to get in touch with him.