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Ways to Improve Your Kitchen Countertops

Old countertops can make your kitchen feel outdated and unpleasant. Because homeowners want to upgrade their kitchen, they opt for remodeling services and cabinet refacing Rancho Santa Margarita to transform the area into a modern one.

If your kitchen has decent cabinets, upgrading the countertops might make a significant difference. Thus, you can have the cabinet refacing orange before upgrading your kitchen countertops for better results. However, if you are still on a tight budget, you can use various methods to improve your old countertops.

Here are a some ways to make your countertop functional again:

  1. Give Your Kitchen Countertop a New Color

You can use paint to cover your kitchen countertops. It can produce elegant results, bringing life to your old countertop. To do this, you must prepare the laminate counter by washing it with water and detergent and letting it dry.

You might not need a primer if you are using specialty paint. However, acrylic paint will require you to prime the surface first. Use a countertop resin to seal acrylic paint.

  1. Cover your counters with a peel and stick

Cover your kitchen countertops with a peel-and-stick product to give life and style to a tired space. It can transform a room with various effects, such as slate, wood, and marble. It is essential to refrain from using a peel-and-stick product on damaged countertops.

While a DIY countertop made from a PVC vinyl base can be a great fix, there are better long-term solutions to an existing countertop. These products can be rented or used while you shop for new countertops.

  1. Invest in your countertops replacements

It is possible to design and build custom surfaces to replace existing ones. Concrete and butcher block are affordable, durable, and easy to use, making them a good choice for most kitchens.

Concrete countertops can be more labor-intensive than other refinishing tasks. However, they are more durable in the long term. It involves creating several forms, pouring concrete, and moving new counters into place.

Additionally, you can use a stone countertop material for your project. Quartz and quartzite make attractive and long-lasting home countertops. Quartzite is more durable than quartz and slightly less scratch-resistant when measured using the Mohs Hardness Scale. The resin that binds quartz reacts to acidity, which can leave white marks.

Before deciding to use a stone countertop material, it is better to identify the suitability and differences between quartz and quartzite countertops. This will help you make informed decisions for your kitchen upgrade.

Quartz Vs. Quartzite: What are the Differences? Infographic     Published        November 2, 2022  

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