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Types of carpets for your home

Carpets are what make a home truly feel like. The flooring of your house says a lot about it as the right balance seems to give the space a cozy and comfortable feeling.

When you are building or remodeling a home, the flooring options can easily become overwhelming. You have to take care of things like allergies, pets, or your family. This article covers several types to help you make the best choice.

What to Look for When Buying Carpet

Piles: the way the carpets looks cut or looped

Carpet Fibers: materials used to make fabrics

Density/Weight: defines thickness or heaviness

Carpet Treatments: To give enough sturdiness in case of stains or moisture, certain products must be added during/after manufacturing

Carpet Pads: the layer under that affects the feel and wear

Types of Carpet

What Are Piles?

Piles tell how manufacturers use the fibers to make the carpet. The yarn is looped or cut into a certain length and twisted to stay in place.

There are several pile styles with different textures. Some hide dirt easily while others track and wear down quickly. When choosing one for your home, make sure the amount of traffic and how you plan to use the room.

Cut Pile

A cut pile carpet has straight strands that are cut and twisted together. It tends to be soft which means you can see marks such as footprints or vacuum streaks. There are different types such as:

  • Saxony, velvet or plush
  • Textured
  • Twist pile or frieze

Low Pile Carpet

The height affects the wear, appearance, and feel of the material. A pile carpet has yarn cut to quarter or less.

Plush Carpet

The plush style is trimmed off so the yarn ends poke up. Saxony plush is one of the most popular designs, having short tufts that are densely packed to look like a thick carpet. It doesn’t wear.

Textured Carpet

Textured carpet features strands of different lengths to create a feeling of depth and variety. As it is fairly durable and trackless, it is useful for areas that see more traffic.

Twist Pile Carpet

Every cut pile carpet has twisted yarn to give texture and protection against wear. More twists means better durability. Frieze is one type with mainly long strands and it is long-lasting. It is chosen for commercial areas.

Level Loop Pile

A level loop pile has yarn glued on both sides to craft strands of the same height. This type is good for high-traffic areas, but carries an informal appearance. These carpets are stain-resistant and usually available with a little cushioning.

Berber Carpet

This carpet creates a nubby texture with complete yarn loops that stand upright. It tends to wear better than a cut-pile because it won’t get tuft or shed.

Most products are available under this name, made from synthetic material. If you buy a Berber-style, you will probably get level loops made of nylon.

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