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How To Wash The Ac Filter At Home

Air conditioners need high maintenance. They need to be cleaned and dusted whenever possible. This is because a dusty filter air conditioner can’t give fresh and clean air. The more the filter is clean, the fresher and cleaner the air will be. One can clean ac filters at home with the help of vacuums, brushes, foam, and Norca spray ( เปร ย์ ร์ ก้า, which is the term in Thai). Let’s see how to clean ac filters at home step by step.

1. Switch Off The Ac

The very first step of cleaning the filters is to switch off the ac. You can’t clean them when the ac is in one position. After switching off the ac, remove the outer part of the ac. All the models of air conditioners come with indications on the front part to help you open the front end properly.

2. Dust The Filter Or Vacuum The Filter

Once you open the filter, you will find a lot of dust. So the next step is to dust the filters properly. You can use a vacuum to remove the dust in the filters. Though vacuums work efficiently there will be small dust particles that are hard to remove or clean. Then you can use brushes to clean them. Brushes can reach small holes in the filters.

3. Washing And Spraying

After the entire dust is removed you need to wash the filters. Washing the filters and spraying them is the most important. This is because even though the dust is removed, there might be bacteria that can’t be seen with human eyes. So, use antibacterial foam to clean the filters. After washing they properly use a spray to remove any leftover bacteria. When the washed filters are fitted back in their position they give very cool and filtered air.

4. Drying

After washing the filters dry them properly. Make sure that there’s no water in the filters. You either can use a dryer to dry the filters or dry them under sunlight. Sunlight is much better as it is natural.

5. Placing Them Back

The last step is placing the filter back in its position. Once you have placed them in their position, close the front end properly. Opening and closing the front end is easy but needs to be done carefully.

So, by following these steps sequentially you can clean your ac filters at home. But if you want your entire ac cleaned then you might need professional help.

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