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How To Prepare Your Home For Hotter Periods

Recent years have demonstrated that the UK is likely to experience more regular periods of heat. Hose pipe bans are becoming more familiar and homeowners are looking for ways to adapt their properties to the warmth.

The UK has never really been equipped to deal with such lengthy periods of heat, as can be seen from the lack of air conditioning infrastructure. However, with the climate shifting toward a more regular swelter, especially during the summer period, significant changes are being made.

One of the most significant motivations for such changes is the ability to sleep comfortably. Many will be familiar with the difficulty that can occur when trying to sleep in a hot room. If homes do not adapt to the heat, sleep hygiene is one of the first and most noticeable discomforts residents face.

With this in mind, we’re sharing the best ways to prepare your home for the heat, helping you to weather the climate in both the short and long term.

Air Conditioning

Having a home that can regulate its temperature via cooling airflow is a common feature of homes across the world. Yet, due to the UK’s generally grey climate, AC is not a feature that appears in many homes. However, now that temperatures are rising each year, many are beginning to take the plunge so as to cool their home.

Air conditioning requires infrastructure adjustments and can be both expensive and time-consuming to install. However, when it comes to methods of keeping a home cool, it remains the most effective.

Summer Houses

Having a dedicated living space that has been designed for the heat is a feature familiar to some. Summer houses have long been enjoyed by residents with gardens who have wanted a glamorous space that is close to the nature of their garden, generally for the purpose of dining or relaxation.

Now, however, these spaces are becoming more widely adopted for the floorspace they offer, giving residents the opportunity to host guests or office spaces in a well-ventilated and outdoor space.

Trees And Nature

For those that have a garden, trees are a brilliant consideration. Their ability to shade large areas, as well as keep them cool, has long offered residents (and their gardens) the ability to remain comfortable during heatwaves.

Nature can also work in the home too, with houseplants, especially large ones, working well to shade certain rooms and cool them, as well as also looking aesthetically pleasing too.


Homeowners will generally associate insulation with keeping a home warm. However, it works the other way too. A well-insulated home will keep the heat out and work to keep cooler temperatures indoors too. This means that homes equipping themselves with AC facilities or other cooling methods would do well to insulate their homes too. Otherwise, they may see the cooler air quickly escape.

Double or triple-glazed windows are also a worthy investment too, since the insulation they will offer to rooms is unrivalled and can help to keep living spaces, and bedrooms, colder for longer.

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