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How to decorate Christmas chandelier – innovative ideas that you can use easily

It’s Christmas. You must be busy with the last minute preparations like finalizing the guest list or checking whether you have got gifts for all. What about decoration? Are you done with it or are looking for ideas? In case you have not decided how to decorate the Christmas chandelier, here are some easy but innovative ideas to decorate it.

A fiery red romantic Christmas chandelier

 Christmas is the time to spread cheer and joy. Using red in Christmas decoration is a nice way of bringing warmth in your heart. A simple chandelier with red ribbons and ornaments is easy to design but looks so romantic.

Holly berries make for interesting decoration idea for the chandelier. Added with wreaths and twigs, you can have a red and warm Christmas party at home.

Have a snowy Christmas chandelier

Let’s celebrate the season with a snowy decoration idea. You can give your old lightings a makeover by using white feathers and ornaments.  Silver ornaments would be more suitable for this theme. This is again an inexpensive Christmas decoration idea.

Eco-friendly chandelier decoration

Do you have pine cones at home? Use them to decorate the chandelier. Hang them from the chandelier using green ribbons at varying heights. You can use pearl strings for adding brightness.

Wreath chandelier

Reuse your old wreath to decorate the chandelier this year. Put some colorful ribbons along with the wreath to make the chandelier look attractive.

Elegant decoration ideas for chandelier

You can have a color themed Christmas party by decorating the chandelier with ornaments of particular colors. Blue and white makes an elegant ornamentation idea. Similarly green with red creates a bright ambience. Try your creativity and come up with more such color combinations and have a great party.

Cutesy design idea for chandeliers

Would you have a lot of kids for your Christmas party? Design a cute chandelier using small toys, wafers and candies. Hang them with the help of ribbons and let the kids get overjoyed when you gift them the candies after the party.

Branched chandelier

Don’t get me wrong but this is a chandelier design idea using branches. Get some branches from your garden and fix them to the chandelier. Hang small candle holders from them. Use colorful candles to make the decoration look colorful and bright. It won’t take long but your guests would keep on appreciating your choice.

Old wreaths, pine cones, glass ornaments and twigs can be used to decorate your chandelier. Try with small balls and candles for a different look. I hope with these ideas you would have a lovely decoration that your guests would love and praise.

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